My services


A blend of training and practical knowledge


I can translate your written materials in English so that they serve their intended purpose, be it to chase unpaid invoices, to close a deal, to launch new products, to inform, to book your holidays, to enquire, or whatever your briefing may state.

I can help you with:

- Your Websites;

- Contracts and legal documents;

- Technical handbooks;

- Marketing materials;

- Self-certified translations (with ITI seal);

- Training aids;

- Patents and oppositions;

- Correspondence;

- Desk research and telephone liaison with Spanish-speakers;

and any task that involves ensuring effective communication with the Spanish-speaking world.



If you are not sure about the quality of a translation, I can offer you a second opinion. I can also check a translation carried out by somebody who is not a native Spanish speaker.



If your company would like to recruit somebody with a high command of Spanish, I can assess the candidates´skills for you, both by phone and in writing.


If it involves communicating your message in Spanish and you haven´t seen the particular service you require on this page, please ask. If I cannot help you, I may be able to point in the right direction.